Rediscover Stockton


STELLAR is a new exciting illuminated public artwork inspired by the rich heritage of The Globe Theatre. Designed by Newcastle based artist Simon Watkinson, STELLAR chronicles the galaxy of stars that have passed through Stockton’s historic venue by using light and illumination to capture the idea that all of the musicians and entertainers who performed in the building would have left a trace behind that could register in the streetscape.

STELLAR the language of stars and globes suggests a galaxy, twinkling and in flux mirroring the lives of touring performers moving from venue to venue around the country,  each on their own orbit through time and space.

Installed in the paving outside The Globe, the floorscape will feature strips of colourful LED light and spotlights to represent the ‘stars’ using the faces of famous entertainers who performed at the venue. The artwork is due to be revealed Autumn 2014.



Do you have memories of when the stars
visited Stockton?

Tell us what memories the Globe Theatre holds for you. Did you win over your sweatheart with tickets to see T.Rex or maybe you remember your parents coming home excited because they’d got an autograph from Roy Orbison. Whatever your memories we’d love to hear them and if you’ve got photographs of old programmes or posters we’d love to feature them here.
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