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The Beatles

 Performed at the Globe Theatre on November 22, 1963.

Widely recognised as the most influential rock and roll band to ever exist, The Beatles reputation began to take form in 1960 playing in their hometown of Liverpool. The band flirted with many genres of music over their relatively short career, ranging from 1950s’ skiffle beats, pop ballads and rock and roll.

This was translated into their 12 studio albums, from their first record ‘Please Please Me’ (1963) to ‘Revolver’ (1966) to their last studio album ‘Let It Be’ (1970). According to EMI, The Beatles are the bestselling band in history, selling close to 1 billion units worldwide.

The Beatles famously played at the Globe on Friday 22 November 1963, the day President Kennedy was assassinated. They also played again October 15 1964.